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​​Engagement Rings

There are few moments that last a lifetime. A marriage proposal is one. Pick a ring that’s worthy of the moment.

At Verragio, we’re proud to design diamond engagement ring settings that every partner would hope to propose with. Our unique business model offers engagement rings settings that give every groom- and bride-to-be the flexibility to choose the band they desire most with the stone that’s perfect for them.

Verragio’s signature collections feature designs and styles to match the beauty of every woman, inside and out, whether she prefers:

  •         The romance of our Parisian Collection that features meticulous French beading.
  •         The timelessness of our Venetian Collection, that represents the best in vintage-chic.
  •         The modernity of our Couture Collection, that is sleek and, above all else, stunning.
  •         The regality of our Renaissance Collection, that embraces the princess in every woman.
  •         The distinction of our Insignia Collection, our most customizable line.
  •         And the audacity of our Tradition Collection, that pushes the limits of craftsmanship.

Verragio engagement rings can be paired with a matching wedding band from any collection. Each engagement ring also features customizable options that include, but are not limited to:

  •         Settings that fit a princess-cut, round-cut, oval-cut, emerald-cut or pear-shaped center diamond.
  •         How high or low you want your center diamond raised.
  •         How many diamonds you desire along your band, including their size and color.
  •         Your choice of a platinum or 14/18 karat white gold, yellow gold or rose gold setting.

And numerous other adornment options unique to Verragio and our belief that the perfect ring should be up to you and the love of your life. 

Find out where to buy Verragio rings and enjoy the opportunity to make your moment count most. 

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