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Fit-Right: Verragio's Resizing Solution

How Does Fit-Right Work?

What Makes Fit-Right Unique?

Fit-Right is the only method of ring sizing to eliminate the need for cutting, altering, reshaping and possibly damaging your engagement ring or wedding band.

1 Size Down
1 Size Down
1 1/2 Size Down

You May Wonder...

"Is My Ring Going To Look Different?"

No Need to worry!
Fit-Right only changes the internal circumference of your Verragio ring. The smooth half rounded surface not only offers a comfortable fit, but is virtually invisible when it is on your finger. AND... it will prevent your ring from spinning, sliding up or down on the finger, and will allow for easy sliding or removal over an enlarged knuckle or joint.

The Problem

Your Verragio engagement ring is too big for you, but you don’t want to risk damaging the integrity of your ring by having it sized the traditional methods of cutting and altering the ring.

You have enlarged knuckles that make it difficult to find a perfectly fitting engagement ring and wedding band.

The Solution

Fit Right Strips by Verragio

Fit-Right by Verragio is a simple, yet revolutionary way to solve your ring sizing needs. This new sizing method will now allow you to have your Verragio ring sized down anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 sizes without modifying the original design of your ring AND avoiding any possible damage.

The Best part?

Not only is Fit-Right adjustable, re-adjustable AND removable, but your jeweler can do this while you wait. No more waiting for your Verragio ring to be resized!

The Application Process...

Fit-Right is easily attachable to your ring, regardless of your size, style, shape and/or width.

Your jeweler will simply apply solder to the bottom of Fit-Right, apply heat, and bond Fit-Right directly to the inside of your ring.

Once Fit-Right is bonded with the inner portion of the ring, the wing-like side portions of Fit-Right can be easily adjusted down to ensure your optimal size and comfort.

Fit-Right can be adjusted and re-adjusted as needed to achieve optimal fit.

It's That Simple

Contact Us

For more information on how to size your ring with the revolutionary Fit-Right solution please contact us or visit a Verragio Retail Partner near you.

Resize your Verragio ring without compromising its integrity. The Fit-Right Verragio resizing solution allows people to adjust any style of Verragio ring up to one and one-half sizes down from their finger size, keeping the ring in its original state without cutting or altering the ring. This wonderful ring accessory is the ideal answer for those who find it challenging to find a proper ring size and fit.

The application process is rather effortless. Simply make an appointment with a Verragio jeweler and they’ll custom-attach the Fit-Right to your ring, no matter the size, style, shape or width of the band. Then, with a gentle soldering system, they will attach the bottom of the Fit-Right inside your ring using a heat bond method, ensuring it stays securely attached. Once the bond is set and fastened within the ring’s interior, the Fit-Right’s wing-like features allow it to be adjusted as you wish, giving you a more optimal size and long-lasting, comfortable wear. This means your ring will no longer spin or slide up and down your finger, jeopardizing its security.

Plus, when you add the Verragio’s Fit-Right band adjuster, you can rest assured that your engagement ring or wedding band will remain as stunning as ever. The Fit-Right adjuster is designed to be discreet and virtually invisible when used on your finger alongside any ring.

Love the idea of a Fit-Right for one or several of your rings? Contact Verragio today to learn more about this revolutionary ring-adjustment solution and to get assistance locating a nearby jeweler who carries the world-class Verragio brand.

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